Scotland Trip with John!

Thursday 8/7.


Today we traveled to Scotland with teacher's John.
Because, we are invited him to this trip.

We went to west of Edinburgh by his car.
It's near his house.

About one hour driving the car.

I don't remember city name.
but, it's good atmosphere.

Here is river near the city.

We drunk a cup of coffee in the hotel's cafe.
We ate foods is traditional cake in Scotland.
It's very good!

He is John. He is very kind and gentleman!
I thought a red waistcoat becomes him.

On the way back.

We drop in at the beautiful valley on the way to Napier University.

Scotland is very wonderful and beautiful!!
I enjoyed very much!!

John, Thank you for kind travel Invitation and long way driving!


Golf Course Debut!!

Monday 7/7.


Again we learned groovy in John's class.
Contents of study were Groovy summary in today.

Groovy is an agile dynamic language for the Java platform.
I thought Groovy is easier than Java.
Because Groovy allow simplified many description.

After class.

We were invited to John to play golf.
First time, I had a golf course.

This golf course is Marchants of Edinburgh.
Today, competition was held.

Golf for the first time I have thought pretty good!!
I got par putt chance some times.

But I never got par.. The best results are bogey.

After the golf.
We played golf with her. She is a John's friend.
She is good golf player.

I had a fun time with you today thank you!!

Good night!!


Tuesday 6/7.

Today, we learned Google Web Toolkit in Neil's class.

GWT is an open source Java software development framework.
It can develop Ajax Web Application to using the Java.

It was very difficult for me to learn Java.

First time, I understood to Set and Get in Java..

A piece of after the class.

Im very tired. 
Because we went to Spain in last weekend. We didn't have rest time..

I cooked easy dishes. 
Dinner are Fried beef and bok choy (Chingensai)
fried eggplant and pepper with Miso,
and Miso-soup with eggplant.

Good night!!


Monday 27/6.

Today, we learned Wiki and Media Wiki in Andrew's class.

Wikipedia runs on the Media Wiki software.
Media Wiki is open source software.

Wiki is document on the web server to rewrite the system.
It has unique document markup.

It is easy to understand. because That language is easier than HTML.
So it's relatively easy to create own Wiki.

After the class.

Today, Andrew had Invited us to the bar.

His hobby is juggling!
So they seem to gather after practice. 

They have a banquet at every Monday. 

They are all friendly people.
I spent in nice time!

Good night!

Company visit

Friday 25/6.

We visited two company.

First company is SFX Technologies. it produce Gel Audio.

We visited the site have been developing in practice.

The gel is to stick to the object. 
and it makes a good sound. good bass!

Next week we were invited to associate's Cho to the bar.
its to see football match of Japan!
I'm looking forward to it.

Second company is Action Scaffolding.
It produce building scaffolding and design.

I thought professional scaffolding company is unusual.
I was very surprised by the good performance of custom software.

After the visit. At the bar..

Today's dinner is Tonkotsu Ramen!
we bought pork bones.

The Tonkotsu soup was boiled over 5 hour. 
moreover, I made noodle!!

Taste egg is soft boiled!

I ate Tonkotu-Ramen for a long time. 
its good!


Grails and Scotch Whiskey

Tue 23/6.

Today, we learned Grails in John and Ken's class.

Grails is open source Web application framework.
it using Groovy language. its said to be easier to develop.

After school we invited John to the Scottish bar.
He like scotch whiskey. I like too.
He don't like COBOL and old develop language.

This is John and many whiskey.

This bar was built about two hundred years ago.
Its very good atmosphere.

He treated us to scotch whiskey.

Thank you for good scotch and invited to the bar.

After we went our flat.

We went to Japanese restaurant IZZI.

I was worried the restaurant when we drunk Asahi Super Dry.
Because it tastes different from Japanese beer.

But, dishes are very good! its very similar to Japanese food!

its a final una-jyu..
with Japanese pepper! its so cool!!

I thought its a good restaurant!

thank you for the delicious food!

visit the company

Friday 18/6.


We visited James Callander.
We have described all phases of timber processing.

This company has been systematized.

We are explained calculate timber system and timber management system.

I'm surprised the calculate timber system. its efficiently cut timber.

Tonight is ramen dishes.

The many hours of boiling soup.  
But I thought its difficult to make a good ramen soup.
Kakuni and Nitamago was good!

I knew the neighborhood butcher to purchase pork bones.

and I'll try to Tonkotsu ramen.

thank you!